Honey Bare Sugaring is Las Vegas’ only specialty sugaring hair removal studio.


Our primary focus is on the quality of the service being provided. A well-done sugar hair removal service used with a good product renders a very clean result. Hairs are removed completely from the follicle and there is very little to no hair that has broken off low on the hair shaft due to improper technique & conditions.

We have deep knowledge on the sugar paste and how it is best used. We do not have a “one size fits all” method when using the sugar paste. Each client’s area for hair removal is examined to determine the best combination of sugar pastes that renders the cleanest service, and less pain for the client. This sets us apart from traditional waxing, where one product is used on every single client regardless of their skin and hair texture.

Sugaring is a unique service because the technique and expertise of the person performing the service on you can greatly impact your service. Because it is such an “art” of a service, not many people in the Las Vegas area can perform this service well. This is where we will really excel. We have over 7 years of sugaring experience with all different skin types and hair types.


We are proud to sell Tamara’s Sugar products. All of the products are made with natural and minimal ingredients, and are specially formulated to target the most important aspects of skin care; exfoliation and moisturizing.

Don't Wax

  • Can often burn the skin

  • Removes epidermis and sometimes the dermis (active skin cells) resulting in scabbing

  • Hair is removed in the opposite direction of growth which traumatizes the follicle by ripping the hair at the follicle and leaving the hair bulb

  • Difficult Cleanup

  • Higher potential for ingrown hairs and product contamination during procedure


  • Will never burn the skin

  • Only removes dead skin cells and cannot remove active skin cells

  • Hair is removed in the same direction of growth, removing bulb of hair, which reduces hair growth over time

  • Cleanup is simply water

  • 100% natural & minimal ingredients, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly

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What Our Clients Think

I moved from Southern California four years ago and had another esthetician recommend Autumn. I've be sugaring for several years with multiple estheticians and feel that she is the best I have ever worked with.

Randy C.